Square Bowl With Wedge Base

Square Bowl With Wedge Base

Model details

Tomoko Fuse

Paper: Square
Pieces: 2
Cuts: Yes
Glue: No

About this Model

The basic square bowl takes one sheet of square paper and 13 steps. The bottom of the bowl is reinforced by inserting a wedge base -- the same wedge base used in the masu-style box shown in this same book. To make the wedge base requires another sheet of paper the same size as the sheet used to make the bowl. This sheet is cut into two equal rectangles. One of these rectangles and 4 folding steps are needed to make the wedge, and then 2 steps to insert it, resulting in 19 steps all together for the completed model.

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3 (1 ratings)

Difficulty (Average)

2 (1 ratings)


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User comments

tgritter — |
The wedge base greatly strengthens the square bowl and also enhances its appearance. Making the wedge base from paper with a different color or pattern than the paper used for the bowl itself will make the finished model more interesting and attractive.

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