Flower Box for Sweets

Flower Box for Sweets

Model details

Tomoko Fuse

Paper: Square
Pieces: 1
Cuts: No
Glue: No

About this Model

It takes 15 steps to make the basic Flower Box for Sweets. It takes 6 steps to make the Square Base and 2 steps to insert it into the Flower Box. The size of the Square Base can be varied easily. The Flower Box for Sweets can also be made with a Wedge Base rather than the Square Base. The addition of a Square or Wedge Base strengthens the box and also enhances its appearance.

Rating (Average)

5 (1 ratings)

Difficulty (Average)

3 (1 ratings)


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User comments

tgritter — |
What a lovely container for bonbons or petit fours. Perfect as a party favor at a bridal shower or birthday party.

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