Butterfly Origami

Butterfly Origami

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Author(s): Roman Diaz
Marcio Noguchi
ISBN: 9781626863675
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press
Year of publication: 2015
Language: English

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This book contains diagrams and instructions for 20 different models of butterflies and moths. The book is spiral-bound so that the pages can lie flat. It comes with 100 sheets of specially designed paper with colors and patterns on both sides which cause each finished model to reflect the markings of its real live counterpart. There are color photographs of the finished models and of the living butterflies/moths they represent, along with text by Linda Falken which provides information about each butterfly or moth, such as its range, habitat, feeding habits, migration, and life cycle. The book and paper come in a sturdy, attractive box which opens like a book. This box has two compartments, closes with a velcro fastener and can be stored upright on a bookshelf.

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tgritter —
This whole kit is beautifully designed and will provide hours of pleasure to both lovers of origami and lovers of butterflies. However, it is definitely NOT for origami beginners. Each model involves a lengthy series of steps with many complex folds.

Contents 20 models